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Downtown Apartments In Austin For Rent

If you are in Austin, Texas and you love the city life and enjoy where all the action is, downtown apartments are just for you. Downtown apartments in Austin give you a flavor of a hectic city life keeping you connected to all the important destinations with complete ease. It gives you convenient access to all the flurry of activities by the day as well as night.

Business hub by the day and music and fun by night is the flavor of downtown Austin. Live music is the main feature along with a string of eateries and bars. With all the business activities and the music hall lined up here apartments in down town Austin are in demand.

The apartments in down town Austin are available in various sizes from a one bedroom studio apartment to a luxurious one with two or three bedrooms. These apartments further have an assortment of features such as dishwasher, air conditioner, balcony, decks, fire place, hard wood floor, internet access, dryer and yard. Other community features may include wheel chair access, garage parking, health club, elevator, door man, pool, sauna, business centre, storage space, vintage building. Rent of the apartments here are entirely dependent on the size and the features. Only a few apartments allow pets to be kept.

The rentals for a studio apartment may be from $450 -$750 while a small one bedroom apartment may cost $550 to about $1500. Rent for A larger apartment with two bedrooms $700 to $2000 while the charges of an even larger apartment with three bedrooms will be approximately $1200 to $ 2200. Rents also depend on the features available and the location. One on the main streets may be more expensive than the one located in the interiors.

You can contact the local real estate agents or locators for rent. You can even choose to go through the net. There are a lot of site on internet too that have information on the apartments available in down town Austin and are ready for occupation. Austin apartment associations too help to locate an apartment of your choice. Just be sure that the agents are listed and will not cheat you in any way. You should do your own little research before approaching any local locator. It helps to be an educated customer.

After physically checking out the short listed apartments, it is advisable to meet the land lord and clarify all your doubts. You may be required to carry certain documents as the employer’s letter and a few bank statements to establish your credibility. Some land lords ask for a deposit too that differs from state to state.

There are a lot of new high rise apartments being built too with completion dates in 2010 and 2011. These apartments have all the latest facilities and are sought after by the young professionals and the ‘empty nesters’ alike.

Decide on your apartment in down town Austin now to enjoy a blissful evening with music after a hard day’s work!

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