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Finding A Perfect Room-mate

There may be compelling reasons to have a room mate or it may simply be your choice. Whatever the reason, finding a perfect room mate and a perfect apartment on rent in a new place may be quite challenging.

A good room mate spells convenience, companion, company and savings for sure. However, a bad one simply means trouble. Even before you locate an apartment, look for a perfect room mate. Listed below are a few tips for looking for a perfect room mate.

Even before you start your hunt for the perfect room mate, it is very important for you to first decide whether you actually need one. There may be some solid reasons for having one but then there are many not to have any as well. So you should be first convinced that a room mate is required and then be ready to adjust and compromise to a certain extent.

In return of investment of some time and effort you can be assured of a satisfying and positive experience with a great room mate. A friend of a friend is a great bet since he or she is already vouched for and there is at least one person common between you’ll.

Acquaintances are good bet too that you should consider for a room mate as they are not complete strangers and that you are at least comfortable them along with sharing some common ideas. Co-workers and Acquaintances are people you happen to know because of common interests such as support group, book club or some other common group.

Some other ways of looking for a perfect room mate is through internet. You can first choose to look for a room mate with similar needs and budget and then look for an apartment or vice-a-versa. If you plan to stay in an apartment with a room mate then ideally it should have at least two bedrooms so as to have some privacy too.

If you have finally chosen a stranger as a room mate, there is absolutely no harm in enquiring in detail or simply asking him or her about past and certain other details such as the place of work and so on.

As partners once you have decided on the apartment, meet the land lord with the documents that will help to build your credibility. Documents such as the letter of employment and other bank details may be important when speaking to the land owner. Clear all your doubts when you meet the land owner before the rentals and ask for additional features too if any.

The rent should be bargained for and fixed right now to avoid any further confusions or problems. The advance money deposit that the land owner asks depends on the rules of different states. This amount may differ from a rent of a month to a couple of months or more. Go through the entire apartment physically and bring to the land lords notice if something seems broken or improper or you may have to pay for it later.

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