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Serviced Aserviced Apartments Offer The Luxuries Of A Hotel And Much More Privacy!

A serviced apartment offers you all the luxury of the hotel and sometimes much more. You have an entire apartment to your self unlike only a room at a hotel. It gives you the independence to live exactly how you do at home. Serviced apartments definitely give you a feel of a home away from home.

Serviced apartments provide you with modern amenities and facilities that a lot of luxury hotels may not, such as single and double bedrooms, fully equipped kitchen for self catering, lounge area with attached toilet and a single pull out bed. Serviced apartments are available all over the world and will give you the complete privacy that you need on a vacation or a long business trip.

Serviced apartments are available all around in a city. If you want to be surrounded by all the action of a night club, museum, restaurants, theatres, music lounge or more, you have a choice of renting out a luxury serviced apartment here too. Some are near the busy market place and the commercial hub while some are tucked away in a quite residential area or the serene outskirts of the city.

So if you are on a long holiday, business commitment or an elongated assignment with family and pets, serviced apartments provide you with all the required facilities. There are details of a lot of serviced apartments on the internet that offer you the appropriate services needed for the pets.

These apartments are just the right choice for you if you want to embrace the culture and the feel of the place. A serviced apartment lets you imbibe the place and experience it from the local perspective. It is much cozier and friendlier to any hotel that is similar all over the world and completely stark.

Looking for a serviced apartment is not as easy as booking a hotel room. It needs a lot more internet research to be able to book the right place that suits your needs the best. Serviced apartments do not provide daily cleaning services either. The house keeping cleaning services are offered just once a week. Do not expect your bed covers to be changed on a daily basis for sure though weekly free housekeeping services are offered.

Serviced apartments can be rented out for even one to two years. The landlords can ask for a security deposit before the tenants shift in. The security deposit is usually limited to the rent of a month or two. The rules vary from state to state and country to country. It is advisable to consult a well established agent or the one associated with your corporate house for such details.

When renting a serviced apartment it is always advisable to have documents of employment and income, references and contact details of banks and a few investment details that may be required for authenticity. The tenants should meet the landlords face to face before the lease is signed.

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