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Students Looking For Apartments?

Are you a student and looking out for an apartment for yourself? Look no further, college rentals sites offer comprehensive details of apartments available on rent within the campus or outside. The apartments are available well within a student’s budget. The size along with the features varies as per the budget. Though the apartments within the campus may be a little expensive, you can save up on your transportation cost. The ones outside the campus are reasonably priced but the convenience may not be high.

Staying within the campus is always more convenient as you do not have to worry about the timings, transport and other integrities. Many students prefer to use a bicycle as a mode f transport to move within the campus that is not only environment friendly but great for exercise too. Most campuses have departmental stores and other recreational activities to make your stay fun and convenient.

These sites may even help you with room mates if you wish to share your apartment. The room mates too are suggested as per your liking. All you are required to do is fill in the details of your requirement of an apartment and may be even a room mate. You will have a list before you in minutes. You can then shortlist as per your needs.

Other ways of looking for a rental apartment within the campus or close to it is through the notices displayed on the campus or local advertisements in the newspapers. You can even check out the college sites and other student forums for good leads. Contact the agents, land owners or the land lords through the contact information given along side and remember to check on to the short listed apartments physically. Make sure that the apartments have all the features as promised before. Bring to the notice of the owner any damages to avoid any extra payments later. It is advisable to even go through all the facilities along with the agent or the land owner. Once you are completely satisfied, this is a great time to even bargain. You may just strike a great deal – since as a student every little saving goes a long way. Confirm if you can keep a pet or guests can be entertained as well.

Some land lords may require you to sign a contract and pay advance money. This advance money varies from state to state and is strictly bound by the legalities. As a student you should carry your identity card and other bank details to establish your credibility and ensure the land owner. A letter of recommendation helps too. This could be from any senior faculty or may be even your parents.

If you have taken help from the agent, make sure who will be paying the fee. Is it the land owner or you and how much will it be. This amount runs into a months rent at times.

Enjoy your campus life to the fullest with a well located apartment!

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