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Friendlylandlord.com FAQs

1. What is friendlylandlord.com?
Friendlylandlord.com is a website that matches landlords with renters and vice versa. Property owners can advertise their property on the "place an ad" page.

2. Are all apartments in the US listed on your website?
We do not guarantee that each and every apartment or houses for rent are listed on our site but we do try to update the data on our site as frequently as possible.

3. What is the advantage of using your service over the other listings that are available?
Our service is hundred percent free. We do not charge for posting ads on our website.

4. How do I write a review/rating of an apartment?
On our homepage, click on "Write a review" You can then write a review of the apartment that you are familiar with. You must use your valid email address because we will send you information for you to modify/delete your review in the future.

5. Can I use my full name to write a review?
You can use your full name when you write a review. However friendlylandlord.com does not recommend you use your full name. We suggest that you use only your first name or preferably create a username. This is just to protect your privacy.

6. I am not into the rental business. Why is my phone number listed on friendlylandlord.com?
We are not responsible for your number being listed on friendlylandlord.com. The possible reason why your number might be listed is that the present home/apartment you stay in might have been bought from some apartment owners in the past. They deactivate the number when they sell the property but after sometime, phone companies reuse them again.

7. How do I remove my phone number from freindlylandlord.com?
Please contact us at http://www.friendlylandlord.com/about.php . Under "contact us", fill the required details and sent a request to remove your phone number. In your comment please give us your full 10 digit phone number and also sent us the URL of the page where you see your phone number. We will do the needful.

8. I cannot remember my login details on friendlylandlord.com. What do I do?
Don't worry. Just click on http://www.friendlylandlord.com/about.php . On the 'contact us' page, fill in the details including your email address. Under the comments section, mention that you have forgotten your login details and hit 'Submit'. Friendlylandlord.com will send your login information to your email id.

For landlords

1. How do I advertise a home for rent on your website?
On the right hand side of our webpage you will see a tab - "Place an Ad". Click on it and you can enter the details asked on the page and submit the advertisement. Please see to it that you enter your correct email address and property address so that we can check and categorize your property in the correct groups of apartments, townhouse, condos, or individual homes.

2. Can I post pictures of my property?
Yes, in fact it is recommended that you upload pictures of your property if possible. This will draw much more attention from potential tenants. Images can be attached to the advertisements, to describe the house or apartment (e.g. photos or floor plans.)

3. As a property owner how does your service help me?
Not only is it completely free to list an apartment with us, but most of the apartments will be occupied much faster if they are listed through us, simply because of the large number of potential tenants that use our services.

4. Once I place an ad, how long will it take to be displayed on the page for renters to see?
Once you submit the details required, your ad will display online instantly. The only criterion is that the ad should comply with our Terms and Conditions. If we find that your advertisement does not follow our terms, then friendlylandlord.com system will remove it immediately.

5. Once I place an ad on your website, can I modify it? How?
Yes, once you place an ad with us, friendlylandlord.com will send login information to your email id. Using the login information you can login on our website and make any changes to your posting.

For tenants/renters

1. How soon before I move should I start looking for an apartment?
Ideally you should start should looking for an apartment within a month before your estimated moving date. This will give you ample time to make lots of calls and complete any paperwork that is necessary. It is not recommended to look for an apartment well before a month because many of the apartments that you see will probably be rented by the time that you get ready to move, and most property owners will not be willing to hold an apartment for very long.

2. Does friendlylandlord.com offer any rewards if I rent an apartment or house through the website?
No. Friendlylandlord.com is not linked with property owners so we do not offer any reward program. The purpose of our website is only to help connect renters and property owner together.

3. Is the rent amount I see on friendlylandlord.com the actual rent amount?
Friendlylandlord.com suggests you contact the property owner regarding prices of apartments. Rent amounts differ from season to season so it is better to contact the landlord and get it clarified.

4. Why are there not enough pictures of rental apartments and houses?
We request property owners to post pictures. Freindlylandlord.com cannot do anything about this as our service is free and it would not be cost effective for us to track down these apartments and take pictures. If the images you require are not shown, we suggest you to set up an appointment with the landlord and view the properties in person.

5. Why should I enter my email address on a public site?
Once you post an ad on friendlylandlord.com, we will send you a link for confirmation. So it is necessary that you provide a valid email address.

6. Is the personal information that I provide on your website safe from data thieves and hackers?
Friendlylandlord.com has taken strict measures to protect the site against misuse of your personal information, but the data stored in our database is not guaranteed to be safe from data thieves or hackers.

7. Do the apartments that you rent have furnishings?
No, all of them are not furnished. We do ask landlords about apartment features when they submit their rentals to our database so that you can choose accordingly. The features will be given on our home page under apartment listings and rental properties.

8. How do I narrow down my search if I want search results for an apartment only in a particular state?
Our website has facilities for you to search an apartment based on the location. Click on 'Search for rentals'. On the following page you can choose apartments/condos/townhouses in any of the states in US.

9. Can I search for apartments based on the number of rooms that I require?
Yes, on the left hand side of our homepage you can enter details such as the number of bedrooms/baths you require. You can also choose apartments based on their price using this feature.

10. How much money is a landlord allowed to charge as security deposit?
All landlords are permitted to accept a security deposit before the tenant shifts in. Some states, however, limit the amount to the equivalent of 1-2 months worth of rent. The laws vary a little from state to state.

11. What is a lease term and how long will it be for?
A fixed, non-cancelable period for which a lease agreement is in force is known as the lease term. Generally lease terms are for 1 or 2 years.

12. What happens if I break a lease before the prescribed period?
Leaving a term lease before its expiration could result in penalties. It mainly depends on what is in the written contract as regarding the penalty when you break the lease.

13. I am familiar with an apartment and would like to provide more information of that apartment to friendlylandlord.com database. What do I do?
If the apartment listing in our directory is without information like: year build, total units, features, description, direction, and if you can provide any information on any of the property, then you are welcome to edit and provide the information. To do this just click on "Edit", fill out the form and submit it. Please make sure to use your real email address because Friendlylandlord.com will send you information you may need in the future.

14. What information might a landlord ask from me during the application process?
During the application process, it is a good idea to have documents proving employment and income, previous landlord references with contact information and bank or investment statements to prove financial credibility.

15. Do I have to actually be present at the apartment to complete the rental process?
Yes, you have to be present and meet the landlord face to face before the rental application can be completed. Property owners need to meet with the tenant in person before they will allow you to sign the lease.

16. Why is my search not yielding any/enough results?
Your search might not yield any results because either there are no vacant apartments listed the area you are looking for or the information you entered in your search might be highly specified. Please broaden your search and we are sure you will find something.

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