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Privacy Policy - Friendlylandlord.com

We thoroughly believe in protecting the privacy of our esteemed clients. We try complying with applicable data protection and privacy regulations. It has been our earnest endeavor to provide a secure environment for our clients. Hence we have drafted this privacy policy where we have attempted to help you understand clearly about the kinds of information that we collect from our clients and the way we use this information. The main idea behind this privacy policy is to assist you in taking a well thought about decision so we request our clients to devote a few minutes to read this carefully and understand our privacy policy.

Please note that this privacy policy applies only to friendlylandlord.com and not to any other company or organization’s website to which our clients may be linked when they are making use of our product or service.

You agree to accept
By making use of this site you offer your approval to be in agreement with the privacy policy of friendlylandlord.com. In case you do not approve with this policy, we request you not to use this site.

The kind of information collected by us
Information about you:

Personally identifiable information is data used by others that helps them in identifying you namely your name, communication address, e-mail id, credit card number or any other contact phone number etc. The moment you register with friendlylandlord.com you will furnish us with some personally identifiable information that may include:

Your name (complete name) address, postal code, telephone number when you post an advertisement in our website about your requirement for any housing property

Your e-mail id or contact phone number when we need to get in touch with you in case we find a match to your requirement for apartments or independent house for rent

This category of information is mainly useful for us to categorize your search and provide you with the best of the alternatives in the appropriate category.

Apart from this information, our site will also automatically receive some data called non –personally identifiable information. This may be technical information received from your browser about the domain name of your Internet Service Provider (America Online and so on), browser type (Netscape, IE etc), the operating system details (Windows’95 etc) and language the exact date and time of request, web beacons or similar technologies etc. Otherwise it could also be demographic information (explained below) like your age, gender or special interests etc.

Some examples of non-personally identifiable information are:

Your Internet Protocol Address - This is a number that gives information to the computer connected to the Internet about the place to send you information –like the web pages that you frequently review.

Cookie - This is a small text file that is used to collect data pertaining to your activity on the sites. In our website we make use of this technology to find out the frequency of our page visits and the number of people who visit our website. This technology does not collect the personally identifiable information mentioned above and we also do not merge information collected through this technology with any of the personally identifiable information to identify our customers. Some of the cookies can be Adobe cookies while others can be flash cookies.

Web Beacons - these are tiny graphics that have a special identifier and can be used to count users who have paid visits to particular visits to a site. They are highly effective in determining the efficacy of any promotional campaigns etc.

Demographic Information - Demographic Information relates to data like your age, gender etc that is voluntarily disclosed by the clients.

In case you choose to send any e-mail to friendlylandlord.com we may make use of the above mentioned information to reply to your queries and also to bring about improvements in our service.

Information collected about visitors to friendlylandlord.com
On a broad perspective our site collects information like numbers, frequency of visits to the site etc. This information is greatly helpful in improving our website. We use this information in aggregates. The main advantage of the aggregate data is helping us in ascertaining the degree of usage of the various aspects of our website by our clients. This is of great value to us as it helps us in improving our website and concentrating our resources in enhancing those features that have appealed our users.

Some of the important details collected by us are as follows:

The number of page views that happen on the site

The number of guest visits that happen

The duration of time spent by guests on the site and

The common entry as well as exit points into our site

How is the information put to use?
We would like to reiterate that any information that is collected in our site about our clients is of great value to us. Hence we guarantee that this information is only used to serve our clients in a better fashion and help them find their dream housing projects or apartments etc. We are not engaged in the business of divulging information about our clients to unaffiliated third parties for their commercial purpose.

Our use of Personally Identifiable Information:
We make use of the personally identifiable information to ensure that the content in our site is of absolute relevance to the client’s requirement about apartments, housing projects for rental purposes etc. The personally identifiable information also helps us to be in touch with our clients with the most relevant information about contact details of the landlords or tenants (according to the requirement) etc.

Use of non-personally identifiable information:
Non-personally identifiable information is used to monitor traffic patterns, quantify user choices etc. This is extremely helpful in improving the design and content of our website. Apart from this non-personally identifiable information is used in ways that are permissible by law and will not hamper the interests of our clients in any manner. We may occasionally try to combine information received online with records from outside to augment our capacity to market our products to our clients.

At friendlylandlord.com we also reserve the right to disclose information deemed necessary to third parties whose practices are not included in this privacy policy (e.g., magazine publishers, non-profit organizations etc) who want to market their products and services to you (related to our service). This may pertain to interior designers, furnishing providers, utility service providers etc. This information will be of great use to clients who are looking out to buy or rent new apartments. This may also include access to some other sites that conducts reviews and offers rating on various property locations.

Except for situations where we deem it necessary to disclose personal information to achieve a specified purpose, we at friendlylandlord.com consider it as our prime duty to safeguard our client information against any kind of unlawful access. Also, we may also reveal your personal information to any site or company when we believe in good faith that the law requires such a kind of disclosure.

Our dedication to Security
We are totally committed to safeguarding the security of information during transmission by using appropriate software that is capable of encrypting the information input by the client. We also request our clients to make use of secure software enabled browser (Internet explorer etc).

We also advise our clients to ensure that they sign off completely before switching off the computer to protect the system against illegal access. It is also wise to frequently change passwords using a combination of letters and numbers and also more importantly make use of a safe Web browser.

It has always been our earnest endeavor to maintain the security of your information. We make use of firewalls to safeguard the information from illegal access, disclosure or alteration. However we all may agree over the fact that data transmission over the internet can never be totally safe. Hence we would not be able to ensure the complete safety of any information transmitted by clients to us. Please understand that such a transmission is done completely at your own risk.

In case we come across a breach in the security system, we would immediately intimate all our clients electronically so that they can take appropriate counter measures.

Access to your personal information
It is our earnest effort to take all adequate measures to retain any data that we collect regarding our clients. If however, at any point of time you find out that information held about you is erroneous or if you want to make alterations to it, kindly contact us.

Modifications in our Privacy Policy
Changes are constantly happening at friendlylandlord.com as they are an integral part of our work culture. We are friendlylandlord.com reserve the right to bring about changes in our privacy policy from time to time. Such amendments whenever made would be intimated to all our clients. We also encourage visitors to periodically check the site for any changes.

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