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Terms and conditions
We welcome you to the site http://www.friendlylandlord.com/. For accessing the site and for making use of the information, services and products that are described here, you need to follow the terms and conditions listed here. This will be a legal binding between you and the company, Friendlylandlord.com.

Please note that you will agree to completely protect the confidentiality of any details provided here, such as your password. You must go through the instructions given with reference to the data collection of our site and the practices that we adhere to. The right to alter the terms and conditions of this agreement which will be inclusive of the Privacy Policy of the company during the course of time vests solely with the company if the company feels so. These changes, such as additions or deletions, or alterations will come into force with immediate effect once it is posted unless the company specifies the time. Please note that no client will be intimated about the changes individually.

Friendlylandlord.com expects that you check the website often and have a correct understanding of the terms and conditions as specified in the site. The company will assume that you have accepted the changes and abide by the same. The company reserves all rights to curtail access to the website and also discontinue the same or delete some portion of the site at any point of time as may be required.

Friendlylandlord.com also upholds its rights to cancel any order or to terminate accounts according to its discretion if it finds that the customer has violated the terms and conditions and such act may prove detrimental to the interest of the company.

The apartment listings at friendlylanlord.com are made directly by the landlords. The site is not responsible for any change in prices, rents, terms of rent etc.

The company Friendlylandlord.com and its owners, affiliates, licensees, and licensors are the absolute owners of all the contents that are published at the website apart from any software, method of narration, programs, source code and any images that are made available in the website. They are protected by the worldwide copyright and other rules and laws that are applicable to intellectual property laws.

Friendlylandlord.com reserves the right to permit you to download or access the content of this website (property listings, property reviews etc.) exclusively for your personal use only and not for any commercial purpose. You can get the consent of the company for the same. The agreement also binds that you will not distribute, display, change, or reproduce the contents of this website which include apartment and housing ads, property ratings etc. unless otherwise authorized. You will acknowledge that you do not have any ownership rights to the content of the website by accessing or downloading as all the rights that are not granted to you are reserved exclusively to Friendlylandlord.com.

You will also agree that all the trademarks and services are owned by Friendlylandlord.com and you will not use these trademarks. You will not remove or change any of the trademark or copyright notices that are displayed at the website.

You must obtain the prior permission of Friendlylandlord.com for re-presentation or re-transmission of any of the contents (rental ads, property reviews etc) or images or graphics that are presented at the website that are strictly prohibited and Friendlylandlord.com owns the full right to it.

You will not use any other technique of a third party to display the website or trademark or logo or content of Friendlylandlord.com. No meta tags or hidden text that will be utilizing the names or trademarks of Friendlylandlord.com and its owners without their prior consent.

You will not make any attempt to discover or disassemble any source code found in this website and its services. You will not use any automated method to access or copy or monitor the contents of the website for your purposes.

Using The Site As A Renter
As a renter, you are permitted to write frank reviews about your personal experiences with the apartment/landlord. You are not allowed to use bad language, write insults or threaten anybody in any form. You are not allowed to write reviews for apartments/landlords based on rumors or anything you may have read or heard. You have the right to edit, modify or delete your review at any time.

When you write a review at friendlylandlord.com, the site reserves the right to use and share your submission with other websites and search engines at its discretion.

Using The Site As A Landlord
When you post a rental ad at friendlylandlord.com, you need to make sure that it is written completely in your own words and does not contain any content copied from other websites, your own website or related ads as this will result in your ad being flagged as duplicate content and be a violation of copyrights. You are also not allowed to upload images that contain copyrighted logos of other websites. If you upload professional photographs, make sure that the image is copyright-free.

You must understand and appreciate the meaning of "equal housing opportunity" and "No racism" on posting a rental ad at friendlylandlord.com

When you post a rental ad at friendlylandlord.com, the site reserves the right to use and share your text, images with other websites and search engines at its discretion. Your ad, when displayed, may link to other related ads. Advertisements such as Google Adsense texts may appear next to your placed ad.

In other to post an ad with friendlylandlord.com you must be the owner of the property or an employee to post the ad. You are not permitted to post affiliate links, ads for telemarketing other products or other ads of similar nature. This site is purely for property rental ads and property reviews/ratings .

Activities prohibited
You will not be permitted to perform any action that will add a large load on the structure of the website. You will not share your username and passwords with others to prevent any unauthorized activity in the website. You will not transmit any information or contents of the website to others. You will not perform any action that may damage or cause harm to the company and its owners, licensees, or licensors.

You will find links or references to other sites at this website of Friendlylandlord.com and you may be able to get connected to those websites either by means of leaving the website or by opening additional browser. The company will not be liable whatsoever, for any damages or injuries that may arise by accessing such websites. These links are provided only for the convenience of the users of the site and the company will not endorse such websites or the contents of such sites. You will bear the full risk of opening such third party sites and the company will have no liability. The terms and conditions of the website should be understood clearly.

Usage of content
The website provides the data to its viewers only for information and you are permitted to use the content (like housing ads, apartment listings, property reviews etc.) or information at this site about the services and products only for your personal use and not for any commercial purposes. You must ascertain personally about all the information provided in the site. If you totally depend on any information provided in the site about products or services, it is construed that you are doing so exclusively at your risk and any risk or damage that you incur will be at your own responsibility.

Any information provided at Friendlylandlord.com is based on "as available" basis without any warranty of any kind. It will be at your own risk that you will use any content or information provided at this website. The content of the rental ads and property reviews have been made by the site's users and not the company. You must agree that there could be some inaccuracies or delay or other problems with the products that are promoted through this website. The owners, licensees, or the company do not guarantee that the contents as given in the website are error-free or accurate or totally complete. Friendlylandlord.com and its owners and licensees are not to be held responsible for any warranty or fitness of the property ads or apartment reviews given at the site.

The company Friendlylandlord.com, its owners or licensees or licensors will not be held responsible for any inaccuracy or errors or omissions of information given in apartment rental ads or property reviews/ratings. They are not to be held liable for any damage other than any damage done directly to you or anyone because of usage of this website or inability to access this site for the products or services provided in this site, such as damages for lost revenues or profits or loss of business or data.

Friendlylandlord.com is not responsible for inaccurate information like incorrect contact numbers, address, map, direction - the information provided in the property listings, if used, will be at the risk of the user.

You will agree that the liability of the company, if any, that may arise because of legality, inability to use the services or products of the site or because of usage of the website, will not exceed the amount paid by you for making use of the information, products, or services as given in the website.

Friendlylandlord.com is not responsible for any issue that may arise between the landlord and renter like disputes relating to monthly rent, deposit, lease term, repair, eviction, or any other legal issue.

You will agree to protect Friendlylandlord.com, or its owners, or licensors, or licensees against any claim or demands or expenses such as fees for the attorney that may arise because of violation of lease agreement or dispute between the renter and landlord and any other user with regard to any transaction or sale that has been terminated.

You will be absolutely responsible for any activity made under your password or account. In case of any unauthorized use of the same, Friendlylandlord.com should be intimated immediately as also any other security violation. You will be held responsible for any loss the company incurs because of any loss that may arise because of unauthorized activity in your account.

Friendlylandlord.com reserves the right to terminate accounts or cancel the orders or change the content of the website at any point of time. The company takes all stringent measures to prevent any unauthorized access that may cause harm to the security of the data. The company will not be held responsible for any damage to the security of the data in the website due to hacking, computer viruses, any e-problems or power disruptions. The company's Privacy policy protects all the information provided to the website.

Use of services
Friendlylandlord.com permits you to interact with others by means of email or blogs, or forums about the content or services of the website and the company shall not be held responsible for any messages or opinions posted on these. The company has the right to review the content of the messages posted and ascertain if they conform to the user agreement and other rules of the company. The company also has the right to edit or delete or remove any such rental ads or property reviews that do not comply with the rules. The company also enforces that no abusive language or profane messages or threatening, fraudulent or misleading messages are posted in the reviews. The sender of such messages will be held responsible solely for any damage that would arise out of such act. Access to the site may also be rejected for such persons.

You will be able to post or submit property ads to this website through these message boards or other means of communication. The contents of such messages can be edited or translated or displayed on the website by the company. You can use the ideas of other users of this website for personal use. The company Friendlylandlord.com will not be held responsible for any such usage of ideas or materials. Any personal details provided on the pages located in this website will be held confidential strictly. You also agree not to send any information that may contain viruses or any other computer programs that may cause damage to the site and the company.

Deviation in terms of use
Friendlylandlord.com reserves the rights to disclose the identity of any person (be it the landlord or the renter) if it is required for any investigation or complaint or legal action for any damage to the rights of the company or its property, or the rights and property of the users of the website. When the company feels that such disclosure is necessary, it is free to do so. Any communication made by you with Friendlylandlord.com can be disclosed if required by the law or any legal process with regard to protecting the Usage agreement or safety of the company, users, and the public.

It is agreed that Friendlylandlord.com has every right to terminate the access to the website for anyone (renter or landlord) and block such access if you are found to have violated the Terms of use of this website for any unlawful purpose resulting in loss or damage to the company. Spamming of the website is strictly not allowed. You will agree not to use the information of other users (renters or landlords) of the site such as names or email addresses or any other information. No information about a minor should be collected.

You will agree that Friendlylandlord.com has no partnership or any joint venture with you because of your using the website or any information contained in this website. Any communication should be in writing and in accordance with the legal requirements. The company will not permit you to use any information, products or services offered by this site. This website may show typographical errors or inaccuracies of information in the property listings, apartment ratings and other content but the company is not to be held responsible for any such error as they are not done deliberately with intent to cause damage or loss to the users of the website.

This Usage Agreement contains all the terms of agreement between Friendlylandlord.com and the users about abiding by the terms and conditions as specified. The company also reserves the right to include more terms and conditions when you are purchasing or using the products or services provided in this website. If you are not willing to abide by the terms, please do not use the services offered by this website. It is agreed that in some jurisdictions, the terms and conditions of the company may not be fully accepted and in such cases the company's liability will be limited only to the extent permitted by law.

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